Portrait Tips

  • You can use a reflector to shine more light on the subject.
  • Get good angles from where the natural light is hitting.
  • Get a good angle of the subject
  • Make you portrait look interesting with a good background.
  • Bring out the shadows in the portrait.

White Balance

White balance is simply editing the color of certain things in a photo to make the picture look better or for example, less red or less yellow. White balance is used to balance colors so the picture wont look too much of one color or too off. So if the image looks a bit too red, you’ll add green to balance the color of the photo. You have to add more of the opposite color of what it is that you want to balance out.

Digital Collage

Some of my favorite bands are,¬† Arctic Monkeys, Bikini Kill, Nirvana etc. I like to play games like Roblox, Call of Duty and other video games. My favorite fast food restaurant is Yoshinoya. One of my favorite foods is sushi and my favorite candy is Trolli and I also like Starbucks. My most favorite colors are purple and orange. I like Marvel and my favorite Marvel characters are Doctor Strange, Thor, Loki, And Banner. I’m Mexican and I was born in the United States of America. I’m In photography. Some of my favorite animes are Death Note, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, And my favorite characters are Saitama, The colossal titan, L etc.. One of my favorite movies is Joker and I also just like the character himself. My favorite sport to play is volleyball. My favporite juice is apple juice. My favorite chips are Ruffles. I like watching Youtube on my spare time and Helluva Boss. Joji is also one of my favorite artists. My favorite albums are Favorite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys and Nevermind by Nirvana. I also like to draw on my spare time. I am also Transgender and Pansexual. I go by He/Him pronouns.